Samuel Kristofic - Marcin Naruszczka


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6 Jul 2021
25.07.2021 - 00:35 CET

MIDDLEWEIGHT - MEN: Oktagon (Europe)

This is gonna be a great fight. Samuel "Pirate" Kristofic, who is on a streak of 4 wins in a row, looks very confident and will definitely want a fifth win and a fight with Karlos Vemola.
Kristofic only lost three fights in his career.

Against him Naruszczka, who is on a 3 game win streak. He can win most of his fights just on points. He'll be at a bit of a handicap against the Pirate because of his height and he's also 7 years older. He also has the disadvantage of the game not being in his home.

If Kristofic will play defensively and will catch Naruszczka on his mistakes which he did with Spicely then I believe Kristofic will most likely win it on points. Moreover Kristofic has more motivation to win because he has been talking about how he would like to win the title for quite a long time and we could see at the trainings that he is motivated and ready to win it.

My bet:
Samuel Kristofic @ 1.60 (local bookie)
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5 Jul 2021
Naruszczka has 33 games compared to the Pirate's 17. The Pirate has a better score of 14-3 vs. 22-9-2, but all of Pirate's opponents have a combined score of 139-83, which means he has very weak opponents. Against that, score of all Naruszczka's opponents is 234-95 and that's a big difference in the quality their opponents.
Naruszczka has been preparing for the fight since the end of May and the Pirate has only two weeks and that can also play a big role.

My bet:
Marcin Naruszczka @ 2.19 (local bookie)
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4 Jul 2021
I'd lean slightly towards Naruszczka in this match due to the Pirate's short preparation time, but I prefer to go with the safe bet of a full 25-minute match.

The match will be ended on points or by technical KO - Yes @ 2.0 (local bookie)
alternative: Number of match rounds started - over 4.5 @ 1.85 (local bookie)

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