Ninjas in Pyjamas - Astralis


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6 Jul 2021
16.12.21 - 13:30 CET

COUNTER-STRIKE: Blast Premier: Global Final (Europe) - Losers stage

NIP with the substituting Lov "phzy" Smidebrant show solid performances. At IEM Winter they nailed a good second place finish after outshooting G2 in the semifinals and this time they just missed the same, even though G2 are already at full strength. The last map went down to the last, 30th, round and NIP just missed out on the win.

Astralis, on the other hand, are well behind after an excellent opening performance at the BLAST Premier Fall Finals. The bad tongues attribute this to the fact that at the Fall Finals they had the opportunity to listen to the home Danish crowd, who gave Astralis a rather indiscriminate hint. Then they really didn't do well in the studio environment at all - they lost at IEM Winter against NIP, after which they notched their only win at that tournament, a 2-0 win against MOUZ. 0-2 against dead American Liquid and 0-2 against French Vitality only underlined that Astralis aren't ready yet. And that the latter match wasn't even close. NIP may have taken a 0-3 loss against Vitality in the IEM Winter finals, but they were at least double digits on every map. Astralis didn't have it once.

So i expect NIP to win, although Astralis have a definite advantage because at least they are playing with their full squad. They might win one map, but the victory will go to the Swedes.

My bet:
Ninjas in Pyjamas @ 1.83 (bet365)

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