MLB: Kansas City Royals - Detroit Tigers


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6 Jul 2021
24.07.2021 - 02:10 CET

I was quite surprised that the Detroit Tigers are an outsider in Kansas and I try to bet on them.
Detroit is definitely a better team than Kansas, they are not that solid at away games, but Kansas is very average at home. The visitors definitely have a better bat and a better pitcher.
That would be Wily Peralta, ERA 1.64, 3-1. Peralta was given a chance and he took it well, today will be special for him because Kansas just got rid of him last time so he will really have his motivation taken care of.
Detroit is playing very well right now and Peralta was looking great the last few games, so I just have to play their win at odds over 2.

My bet:
Winner to decision: Detroit Tigers @ 2.03 (local bookie)

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