KHL: Nur Sultan - Magnitogorsk


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30 Aug 2021
05.01.22 - 14:30 CET

Here I'll bet on a point from one of the visiting team's forwards. It's Nikolai Goldobin.

I expect a goal scoring game, Magnitogorsk scores quite a few goals and so does Nur Sultan, he scores and gets a lot of them. So I think the visitors will score at least 3 goals, and Goldobin could have a hand in one of them. He has averaged almost a point per game so far this season, scoring 36 points in 39 games this season. Another reason is that Goldobin is a member of one of the power play lines, which is always an advantage for points.

In his formation he plays with the Canadian pair Maillet - Leipsic, who are also active in points and it is not at all impossible that this formation will score some goals even with full number of players on the ice. Goldobin has an average Ice-time of 14 and a half minutes, which is enough to score a point.
The last reason is the odds, which seem to me to be too high, I would expect somewhere around 1.6-1.7. The current odds of 1.87 are definitely worth it.

Summary: Why should this bet work?
1) second most productive player in the team
2) power play formation
3) an offensive line with two productive Canadians
4) odds that are higher than they should be

My prediction: Nikolay Goldobin gets a point to the decision @ 1.87

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