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3 Jul 2021
21.08.2021 - 16:45 CET


Time to bounce back after our last KO CS:GO tip! 🍀 Group B has their opening matches scheduled for today and I'm going for second match between (#5) and OG (#14).

While I believe OG had a good bootcamp being together and they could be very dangerous, I find funny how they try to scare opponents through the social media by sharing this:
Talking about friendship, okay let it be (while the text about friendship is still BS), but talking that crap about occasionally losing important match, just to shock everyone in the next tournament is way too much!

Of course, I see this as very even match, but I still slightly favor, their team is together for more than one year and they achieved so much with this roster.

In the map vote I see picking Inferno or Vertigo (as long as OG doesn't play it), OG picking Mirage or Nuke (as long as Virtus doesn't play it). Decider could be Dust2 (50:50 chances).

Over 2,5 maps could be easy, because Mirage or Nuke should surely go to OG, while I believe will be overally stronger and will win their pick too.

Personal tip 2-1 OG.

My bets: to win @ 1,90
Over 2,5 maps @ 1,83

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