ESL Pro League: Natus Vincere - mousesports


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3 Jul 2021
28.08.2021 - 16:45


There is no team like Natus Vincere at this moment! What a form... And after 7 wins streak against strong teams, they opened Group C of ESL Pro League with EIGHT consecutive win, when they didn't give chance to Fnatic in two maps, okay, gave them little chance in their pick Overpass (22-19 OT) but they still got W against the pick.

Mousesports opened the league with 1-2 lost to FaZe, who look in shape (but still, they are unstable performing team). After losing their pick Overpass 14-16, they overrun FaZe in their pick Ancient 16-7 which is impressive, but then losing 8-16 in decider Inferno.

NaVi played only one map against mousesports lately and it was Overpass, that map suits more to mouse but NaVi still got the win 16-14 there (April 21). My bet will go to handicap for Natus Vincere as they are just amazing, even when their tactics fail in particular round, they always show amazing aiming skills and get some extra rounds in the end. Latest addition to squad - b1t, was very understimated by fans in the beginning, now after 7 months in squad, he is delivering some quality performances and is valued member of the squad. Do I need to mention s1mple who was an ultimate beast yesterday again? He's always like this, so it's normal... 😁

Mousesports on the other hand rely too much on their superstar ropz and I don't feel this roster doing well, dexter is here for 6 months, acoR 7 months, Bymas 12 months, I don't know, they had time to get together yet they are still underperforming... Maybe communication problems as it's the international roster? Of course they are world #12 for reason, but I just don't see them as the top top level, where NaVi are at the moment.

When we look at maps stats in last 3 months:


Mouse are trapped, they need to ban Nuke and Dust 2 so it's sure NaVi will pick one on the maps where I expect easy win for them.
Natus Vincere will ban Vertigo that's for sure I think, then mouse can go for Overpass or Ancient, where I expect both maps pretty close.
If needed, Inferno or Mirage looks as decider, while I more believe in Inferno but we will see.

I think that even if this will be 3 maps match, NaVi will get overally good round difference against mouse as their map pick will be very strong and mouse's pick will be equal game in worst scenario. Third map should go to NaVi no doubt.

Natus Vincere to win in round total difference -7,5 @ 1,83

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