ESL Pro League: Natus Vincere - Evil Geniuses


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3 Jul 2021
30.08.2021 - 20:00 CET


Just a quick betting tip on esports:

NaVi (#1) lost to BIG yesterday to end their 8 consecutive wins run and now the group C looks very balanced (four teams having 2-1 score with 6 points). The good thing for Natus Vincere is that today's opponent Evil Geniuses is the weakest in the group. As the world #23 they have lost all 3 matches (0-2 BIG, 1-2 FaZe, 0-2 mousesports).

I will focus on NaVi's map pick in my bet. First pick is in favor of Evil Geniuses and I think NaVi will still get the W on their pick but I will let that be.
Second pick, NaVi's pick, will be Nuke or Ancient I believe. The idea is that Evil Geniuses are terrible on both of mentioned maps, so banning one will leave other available for Natus Vincere.

EG can't count with advancing to play-offs, while NaVi have the motivation to bounce back and will have the best opponent possible with map statistics on their side so I believe Natus Vincere will conquer their map pick no matter if they win or lose EG's pick. If needed, map decider will be also in favor of NaVi.

Natus Vincere to win second map AH -5,5 @ 1,83

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