ESL Pro League: Astralis - Spirit


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3 Jul 2021
16.08.2021 - 20:00 CET


Finally! Counter-Strike action is back after month long summer break!

ESL Pro League start it's season #14 and I'm here to catch some fishes. :devilish: Legendary Danish team Astralis is slightly an underdog here by esportsbooks (which would be something unimaginable one year back) and we can find some reasons, but I skip the bet on match winner in Best of 3 format.

I'm going for OVER in this match, here are my points:
  • This is online league, suits more to Spirit
  • Team Spirit is in great shape with same team players for 6 months (and 4 players 2+ years together)
  • Astralis always take time between tournaments seriously and come back stronger
  • Astralis are still looking for a sniper, as their superstar device left for Swedish NiP
  • Their new sniper is Lucky (from Danish team Tricked), but we don't know if he will perform tomorrow, he's benched atm.
This match is absolutely 50:50 in my eyes and even the potential maps shows this could be 3 maps game easily:
  • Astralis should win: Inferno, Nuke, Vertigo
  • Spirit should win: Dust 2, Mirage, Overpass, maybe even Ancient
  • Astralis should ban Dust 2 first
  • Spirit should ban Vertigo first
I think with both teams having 2 remaining maps to choose from, there is a good possibilty of third map decider.

My pick:
Over 2,5 maps @ 1,83


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3 Jul 2021
Dust 2: Astralis 11-16 Spirit
Inferno: Astralis 16-6 Spirit
Ancient: I don't care, BET OK, i go to sleep 😁

(Ancient should be pretty equal, fingers crossed for Astralis)

UPDATE: Ancient: Astralis 16-7 Spirit, 2-1 final score.
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