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6 Jul 2021
15.12.21 - 20:30 CET

Premier League

In the Crystal Palace v Everton game, I expected those goals to come more from Everton side. But they came from the home side! Everton probably thought that since they had beaten Arsenal the round before, and conversely Crystal had just recorded 3 defeats in a row, that Crystal would somehow beat themselves. But somehow Crystal Palace didn't want to be beaten, they played superbly and caught Everton completely by surprise. Even in the 1st half the home side rarely lent Everton the ball and it was mostly played in Everton's half and in the end, Crystal won 3-1.

Crystal Palace have surprised me so very pleasantly and I think if they plays as well with Southampton as they did now with Everton, they shouldn't have much of a problem. For Southampton are worse off than Everton in performance and table. What's more, Southampton have been dropping a lot in the table lately, having picked up just 2 points from 2 home draws in the last 5 rounds, making them the team with the worst form in the league in the last 5 rounds. Southampton's overall score in those 5 rounds is 4:12! They also lost 1-2 to last placed Norwich.

Not that Crystal's form is significantly better, they have picked up 4 points in the last 5 rounds and even they lost 3 times in the last 5 rounds. But the overall score in those 5 rounds is 7:8 so they have a significantly better score than Southampton. In fact Crystal lost all those games by just a goal. 2x away 0-1 to MU and Leeds, with Leeds being unlucky to concede in the 93rd minute and from a penalty, and they held on for a long time with United too, conceding the only goal of the game with 13 minutes left. The third loss was at home to Aston Villa (1:2) and that is also Crystal's only loss at home so far this season.

I'm convinced that Crystal won't be so unlucky with Southampton. As I wrote, Southampton are out of form and I don't believe they would take all the points. After all, they've only managed to do it on an away pitch once this season, at Watford. However, they are still behind Southampton in the table. Overall, Southampton have a 1-2-5 away score. Southampton have a big problem with scoring goals this season, they are the worst PL team after last Norwich with only 14 goals (from 16 games).

Crystal scored 8 more goals and conceded 2 less. While Crystal has a balanced score of 22:22, Southampton has it strongly negative 14:24. And the psychological comfort after the win over Everton will also be on the home side.

My bet:
Crystal Palace @ 2.0 (bet365)

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