Banik Sokolov - Mostecti Lvi


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3 Jul 2021
29.07.2021 - 18:00 CET - Friendly

I know the lines will sound crazy to you maybe, but this match should be a good goal galore. Well to be honest, it's a team from 2. Czech League against a team from 3. Czech League so there is not much info. BUT what we know:

  • Banik Sokolov is an offensive minded team, they averaged 6.9 goals per game, more goals averaged only Kadan, but that team is a joke in 2nd League, losing all games.
  • Mostecti Lvi is from 3rd League, there they barely know what defense is and Mostecti Lvi is one of the better performing team when we talk about goal average. Last season it was 8.0 goals!
  • Sokolov's coach in the interview said, that he had some players departured and already welcomed new notable and experienced players, but in this match the most ice time will get a group of new young players or junior players. So this opens the door on both defensive halves and Mostecti Lvi will make sure to score some goals!
  • These Czech friendly matches in ice hockey are crazy sometimes, the difference between leagues is big and then someone comes with rotating squads and then it is absolute chaos, but that chaos is good for goals :coffee:
  • Don't know what Mostecti Lvi is planning but I don't think it matters when their main team produce and concede a lot of goals itself.
This one is not for everyone, but here it is:

Over 8,5 goals @ 1,85 bet365

I won't go for match result because I really have no clue if Sokolov's juniors can match 3rd League team, as well I don't know what Mostecti Lvi will come up with. Good luck to us if you join me!

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