Anaheim Ducks - Detroit Red Wings


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4 Jul 2021
10.01.22 - 02:00 CET


In tonight's only NHL game of the night, Ducks - Red Wings, I'll play shots on goal, but not one team's total shots per game. It is set at 60.5, in other words one shot on goal per minute. As far as the stats are concerned, this bet doesn't seem right, because Ducks average 30.5 shots on goal per game, Red Wings 28.5 shots, but more importantly - against both teams there are quite a lot of shots on goal from the opponents - 32.5 and 33.4.

However, we have to look at the match from a different perspective than the statistics - a clash of two teams that are struggling after the Christmas break in terms of play, results and even shooting. After the break, Ducks are averaging 22.8 shots on goal in five games, while Red Wings are averaging 24 shots on goal in four games. That's been the recent form of both teams, which gives us a fairly valid indicator of the current strength and quality of the team.

Red Wings are a weaker team in the long run, they are doing above average this year, but they are still a below average NHL team. Ducks are doing better, but they have a relatively big injury list, which makes the quality of their game worse in all aspects.

I expect this match to be a tactical battle with a low amount of goals and especially shots on goal. Yesterday both teams were very passive in terms of shooting, Ducks can be said without exaggeration that they were a complete failure in terms of shooting, they had only 14 shots on goal for the whole game.

1) Both teams are in very poor form and are very inactive in terms of scoring, see the period after Christmas when the teams average 22.8 and 24 shots on goal per game
2) Quite a high threshold, it is quite possible that at least one team will drop in shooting and take around 20 shots, which will not be caught up by the other team with the current constellation of stars

My bet:
Number of shots on goal in a match - Under 60.5 @ 1.78

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