AFCON: Mauritania vs. Gambia


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5 Jul 2021
12.01.22 - 17:00 CET

In this match, I chose to bet on Mauritania not scoring a goal. Gambia seems to me to be the better team and if anyone is going to score, I believe it will be Gambia. Otherwise, as usual in this tournament, I expect at most one goal in a match.

First of all - this is the Africa Cup, where very few goals are scored, as we have already seen in this tournament. Classically, I expect a maximum of one goal in a match, even if it is more likely to be a 0-0 draw.

If we look at Mauritania's squad, we see a few players playing in Europe, but mostly in lower competitions or worse European leagues. I'm not an expert on Mauritanian football, so I don't dare to analyze what could be the line-up or tactics in a match, even if we can derive a little from the preliminary matches, but those were still only preliminary matches, not the tournament itself.

As far as Gambia is concerned, I see higher quality here, specifically in the defence it is Colley, playing regularly for Sampdoria, or Gomez playing regularly in Denmark for Horsens. The only problem I see in Gambia is the midfield, which is not very good. However, this is compensated by the attack, which is quite good by their standards. The biggest star is Barrow, playing for Bologna, then Njie scoring goals in Portugal for Boavista and others.

Gambia has the better team and should dictate the pace of the game

1) This is an African championship where few goals are scored and I expect exactly the same in this match, at most 1 goal will be scored, and if it is, it will definitely be on Gambia's side.
2) Comparing the roster of Mauritania and Gambia, Gambia is the better one, the defense will be led by Colley, supported probably by Gomez
3) Definitely worth 2.54 odds on this bet

My bet:
Total Goals - Mauritania: Under 0.5 @ 2.54

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