Read the rules first before joining discussion!
Betfather is the international betting forum, with focus on sports and esports popular in Europe.

1. Read the rules first!

Read the rules below before joining the discussion on, it won't take much time and will help you to avoid ban.

2. Time and language

General time zone for this forum is Central European Time (CET UTC+1), with Summer Time respected (CEST UTC+2) - see details here.
If you use different time zone, please specify in your betting tip.

The only language allowed is English! We respect it's not native language for many of us, don't be afraid to write with grammar errors.

3. Nickname, avatar and banner

Please avoid using hateful or vulgar nicknames.

Use only avatars and banners that are proper to our forum. No disturbing or 18+ pics allowed. It will be removed and you warned or banned.

4. My first betting tip

Please use decimal odds (1,85), any other format is not allowed on Betfather.
  • TITLE: Keep the title simple, always. You can use format "Team1 - Team2" or "League: Team1 - Team2". Nothing more needed.
  • INFO: Always start your betting tip post with basic info! League (if not in the title), date, time is a must. Keep in mind we use CET time zone, please specify if you use other.
  • PREVIEW AND TIP: Write at least a few sentences about your betting tip and why you pick the bet. Betting tips without text have zero value for the readers in most cases. Always finish the post with your betting tip, odds and optionally sportsbook.

Titles - Betting tip -

5. Do not duplicate threads

If you are about to write your tip, look into particular category if it's not there already. In case you find your game, post your tip as a reply to this thread. This helps a lot to keep forum readable and clean.

You can use search bar to find out if your game is already on Betfather.

6. Joining the discussion

Betfather's goal is building the community, forever. This expects our members to be friendly to each other and let the hot discussions to cool down. In the end, betting is always about supporting each other.

Abusive, sexist or racist posts and messages will lead to permanent ban. Politics is also not acceptable. Keep the forum about sports, esports and betting.

7. Get inspired at your own risk

If you follow someone's tip and it turn out to be wrong decision, keep in mind you do it all at your own risk. Get inspired on Betfather, but always be responsible for your bets.

8. Never advertise in the forums!

Any illegal advertising done in forums or private conversations on will result in the permanent ban.

There will be possibilities to promote your betting sites or services, you'll surely be notified about possibilities of promotion.

9. We are here for you

You can always contact any of us in case you have any further questions or in case you would like to report any inappropriate behaviour.

About Betfather is the fresh air among betting forums. Bringing our users clean and readable website, where the main target is to connect people through their passion for the game.

On Betfather you can share your sports or esports betting tips and previews as well as getting inspired by others. General discussion about betting included, discuss your betting strategies or money management on Betfather!

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